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▶Weight calculation of air freight:


  A: Actual weight – calculated according to the weight of the goods.


  B: Volumetric weight - Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) / 6000 = weight (KG)


  Note: Charges will be referring to the weight is higher.


  Company will deliver the goods after received payment. Packaging will arrange by us after receive packing list from customer. Bill will be issued to customer for make payment in order not affecting the normal delivery of the goods. Customers must make payment after receive the bills. In order to ship on time, advanced payment is accepted. Goods will be detained by our company if payment pending. No explanation will be accepted.


Before shipment, customer must fill in the name, quantity, unit price and total amount of the goods authentically. Declare the recipient’s name, address, telephone number and zip code by US dollar. (Note: If details does not provided, company will assume all the consequences of the declaration on our behalf. No responsibility on our company.


About the packaging of goods:

For fragile, crushed and anti-collision goods, please be sure goods are packing in well condition. Our company may provide nail wooden racks or wooden boxes (extra charged). As a freight forwarder, accidents that occur during the delivery process are out of controlled, (containing steel bars and iron.) Therefore, our company will not be responsible for any goods damage, broken or crashed during delivery. Insurance can purchased by customer of special requirements.


  If any problems occur in customs clearance, sender and recipient must assists our company to solve customs clearance.


Time arrival: The goods expected time arrival normally is within 5-7 working days to West Malaysia (for reference only). Note: Excluded Saturday and Sunday. ETA is only for reference. Our company does not take any responsibility for goods arrival delay.


  ▶Customer will be fined RMB 1,000 to RMB 20,000 once sensitive goods are sent out as general goods when it disclosure by customs. Freight will be recharged. Another fine to be charged without any bills issued. Our company only responsible for sensitive goods shipping except customs clearance. Insurance can purchased by customer for special requirements. Please take note.


  Sensitive goods include products containing batteries, products with magnets (such as speakers, headphones), motors, liquids, pastes, cosmetics, food, medicine, mobile power,


  Imitation brand, electronic products, electrical appliances, powder, CD, VCD, magazines, books, knives, imitation brand products, sex toys, etc. (For microphone and audio, please cut off the power supply before shipment)


Compensation: For goods lost in our company, compensation will be given to customers of equal value. The maximum is not more than 100 US dollars/invoice. After the goods shipping out, loss of the entire courier, loss of documents, compensation is RMB40 /invoice and free shipping. Lost packages are compensated according to the declared value but the maximum is not more than USD50/ invoice and free freight. All compensation does not bear any indirect costs and losses.

 (Note: the goods are stolen by the customs or detained by our company are without compensation). High unit price goods are issued with caution. For example, mobile phones and tablets, Insurance can purchased by customer for special requirements. All loss compensation will be borne by our company except goods damages.


  Reminder: Goods are stolen or weight issue problems


  Q: What should I do if the parcel has been opened or the weight is lighten when receives the goods?


   Answer: When there is a damaged or a trace of being disassembled before the parcel is signed, please verify the quantity and the weight of parcel with the dispatcher or driver on the spot. Request the dispatcher or driver to take a photo and notify us at the same time. We will settle the problems with agents. (Note: This is the rights and interests of recipient, and it is evidence to proof for us) The compensation will be multiplied in proportion to the loss of the entire invoice. Before the parcel is sent, our company will write the actual weight and number of the goods in consignment. Parcel picture taken for each customer and upload to the website, approximately not more than 0.1 kg. (Note: Company does not accept excuses such as no weigh at home or family members not clear, etc. Please understand and cooperate).


Agree to our service rules after payment make and goods shipping out.

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