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Taobao Shopping Guide

Taobao ( is a large online retail platform in China and even the Asia-Pacific region. Basically, whatever you want to buy can be found on Taobao. You don’t need to bring your own big and small bags home. The courier company delivers door to door. Online purchase is saving time and effort. Even the price is cheaper than offline stores. Therefore, Taobao users cover consumers of all ages. For the first time, they may be really dazzled. Let’s talk about the entire process of Taobao shopping and the small Tips.

1. Sign Up

You may sign up as a member of Taobao. Complete the registration and upload your ID card for authentication. You also can directly apply and activate for Alipay.

Currently Taobao only supports mobile phone numbers for registration. You can directly select the region where you are and enter the mobile phone number for registration.

2. How to select

After registration done, log in to Taobao.

Then enter the keyword (such as "women's dress") in the search bar.

Of course, you can also narrow the search scope according to the prompt selection associated with Taobao, which can help you find the target product faster.

Click on the products to view the details.

Choose your size, color and other information, then click ‘buy’. In order to keep in view, you may add into the shopping cart. So you can easily purchase after consideration.

In addition, the evaluation and comment of consumers to the products is a good reference. After all, it still depends to everyone’s situation and preferable.

3. Submit order

Enter the shopping cart for order submission.

Fill in the address.

Final checking all the information, then submit the order after confirmation.

4. Confirm the order

Bundle with card payment.

Awaiting for order delivery.

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